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Sensory Flight

Sensory Flight
Walnut, CA 91788-2675

Soap Maker/Contact Name
Brenda Combs
Types of Soap Offered
This soapmaker creates cold process handmade natural soap bars and melt and pour handmade soap bars.
Average Price of a Regular Size 4- or 5-Ounce Bar
The average price is $8.00 per bar.
Soap Specialties
"Sensory Flight ... Scents that inspire you to travel."
This soapmaker earned a diploma for sucessfully completing the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Business program at the Soapmaking Studio.

Handmade Soap from Sensory Flight

Handmade natural soap from Sensory Flight. Handcrafted loofah soap from Sensory Flight. Handcrafted soap set from Sensory Flight. Handmade natural wakuda soap from Sensory Flight.

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